Harvard Worldwide offers a glimpse at Harvard University’s strong connections to students, faculty, and other colleges and universities around the world, and to its enormous number of worldwide academic activities.  Designed and maintained by the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs, Harvard Worldwide is a resource for users inside and outside Harvard to connect with the University and to understand its deep global engagement.

Students interested in attending Harvard can find information on applying to the University on Harvard Worldwide’s Admissions page.  Those seeking information on the number of students at Harvard from outside the United States, or on Harvard’s international research activity, or on the countries in which Harvard alumni live, will find this and more under Facts.  And many visitors to Harvard Worldwide will want to explore its most powerful tool – a search function that allows users to search for Harvard’s international activities by country or region, by the Harvard School in which they are located, or by the type of activity.  For example, users can find a list of faculty members with research interests in a particular country, grants and fellowships that allow Harvard students to travel to a particular country, or a list of Harvard research centers that focus on various countries or regions of the world.

Harvard seeks to attract talented faculty and students, no matter where they come from, and to allow its faculty and students to pursue their academic interests, wherever they might lead.  The University’s global engagement is broad, deep, and rapidly growing.