Alumni and Friends

  • Photo Credit: Gordon Bae, COL '12, Bolivia

Harvard alumni can be found in more than 180 countries. The Harvard Alumni Association offers social and educational activities for Harvard alumni and friends around the world.

Harvard Alumni Association

The Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) is the University’s official alumni association. The HAA helps alumni from all Harvard Schools connect with the University and with fellow graduates through a wealth of activities, continuing education programs, online services, and events around the world.

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HAA Harvard Clubs

The HAA supports Harvard Clubs in more than 70 countries. These clubs provide opportunities for alumni in a given region to remain connected to Harvard and to each other. Each club offers its own a variety of programs, services, and opportunities to its members and to its communities.

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Harvard alumni can be found in nearly every country in the world.

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Educational Activities for Alumni and Others

The HAA offers a rich variety of educational activities to alumni, including the annual Global Series conference, and more than 50 travel programs, led by Harvard academics, to all seven continents.

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