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The Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute

Founded in 2003 to further Harvard University’s engagement with South Asia, The Mittal Institute is a university-wide research institute at Harvard that engages faculty members, students, and in region institutions through interdisciplinary programs to disseminate knowledge, build capacity, inform policy, and engage with issues that are shaping South Asia today. With 2 billion people facing similar challenges throughout South Asia, there is a critical need for solutions and systems to support such a significant global population.

Mexico Program

The Mexico Program at DRCLAS and the Mexico Office are committed to deepening engagement with the region through an active program of events and activities, academic and internship opportunities for students, and support for faculty research. The DRCLAS Mexico Office was established in 2012 in Mexico City.

Mentoring and Language Acquisition in Brazil (MLAB)

Since 2012, the Mentoring and Language Acquisition in Brazil (MLAB) Program has offered one-to-one mentorships that help high need Brazilian youth develop confidence, critical thinking and English language skills. Combining quality mentorships with engaging content, our program provides positive, life-enriching experiences for youth to learn from older peers and explore common interests.

Leading Learning that Matters

Leading Learning that Matters (LLtM) is a multi-year collaboration with the Independent Schools Victoria (ISV), Australia, to explore and document what leading learning that matters for our contemporary world looks like in a variety of cultural, urban, and rural K-12 contexts in the state of Victoria.

Investigating Impacts of Educational Experiences

Investigating Impacts of Educational Experiences is a multi-year collaboration with United World Colleges (UWC), a global network of seventeen international schools. UWC’s mission is to “make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.” To fulfill this vision, UWC schools assemble diverse student populations (particularly in terms of national origin and socioeconomic status) in order to encourage cross-cultural exchange, celebration of difference, respect, and personal integrity.

Interdisciplinary & Global Studies

Interdisciplinary and Global Studies (Id-Global) is an ensemble of research projects designed to inform scholars and educators interested in preparing youth to understand pressing global issues of our times through interdisciplinary work and to participate in these issues as responsible global citizens.

Global Children Project

The Global Children project brings together a group of early childhood educators in the US and Japan to examine the teaching and learning demands associated with nurturing global competence among children ages 3-5. The project asks: How do children make sense of the world and multiple cultures within and beyond their immediate environments? How to they learn to deploy the many languages of childhood to communicate with children far away? How do children begin to take perspective and expand their universe of care? How do they participate to make a difference in their worlds?

Educating Global Citizens through a US and China Lens

This project involves a collaboration between Weiming Education Group and Harvard Graduate School of Education's Project Zero designed to familiarize teachers in four schools within the network with frameworks and tools to teach for global competence developed at Project Zero. Such frameworks and tools are designed to enhance students’ understanding of the world and nurture global thinking dispositions that are essential to succeed in school and college, as well as in increasingly global workplaces.

Russia Matters Initiative

Russia Matters is a project launched in 2016 by Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and made possible with support from Carnegie Corporation of New York. The project’s main aim is to improve the understanding of Russia and the U.S.-Russian relationship among America’s policymakers and concerned public. It does so by showcasing the best expertise on Russia and its relationships with the rest of the world by providing top-notch analysis, relevant factual data and related digests of news and analysis.

Nuclear Security Matters Initiative

Nuclear Security Matters special initiative provides accessible analysis from the world’s leading experts on nuclear security and nuclear terrorism. It is intended to help inform researchers, reporters, government officials, and the interested public on policy options for strengthening nuclear security and reducing the risk of nuclear terrorism.


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