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Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management

P.I.: Christopher Stone. The Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management aims to enable governments to fulfill their obligations to ensure public safety and justice.

Intrastate Conflict Program

The Program on Intrastate Conflict analyzes the causes of ethnic, religious, and other intercommunal conflict, and seeks to identify practical ways to prevent and limit such conflict. It is concerned with the vulnerability of weak, failed, and collapsed states, with enhancing good governance, with leadership in the developing world, with peace building and peace enforcement capabilities in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, and with the role of truth commissions in conflict prevention and conflict resolution.

Islamic Finance Project

Drawing on resources in the fields of law, economics, business, and Islamic studies, IFP compiles specialized bibliographies with the primary goal of acting as a point of convergence for information about Islamic finance and economics for academics, researchers, and industry professionals, not only to serve researchers but also to promote dialogue for better understanding of the field.

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program

The Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program seeks to bridge gaps in understanding between East and West and ensure that Harvard's capacity in Islamic Studies matches more fully the depth of Islam's rich historical and geographically diverse cultures.

Islamic Legal Studies Program

The Islamic Legal Studies Program is a research program that seeks to advance knowledge and understanding of Islamic law. As stated in its statement of objectives (incorporated into the terms of its major grants), the Program is dedicated to achieving excellence in the study of Islamic law through objective and comparative methods. It aims to foster an atmosphere of open inquiry that embraces many perspectives: Muslim and non-Muslim, scholar and practitioner, contemporary and classical, Sunni and Shi'i, law and religion.

Agricultural Innovation in Africa

The Agricultural Innovation in Africa project (AIA) is funded by a generous grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the purpose of providing support to efforts that contribute to agricultural science and technology policy improvement through Africa's Regional Economic Communities (RECs). The Project seeks to engage with policymakers and focus information dissemination on efforts to align science and technology missions and operations with agricultural development goals in the RECs as part of the larger agenda to promote regional economic integration.

Management and Development for Health

MDH was created by Harvard to help upgrade public health services in Tanzania. It will evolve to become independent of Harvard, but a close link will be maintained and the two entities will collaborate on various operational research and other large initiatives focusing on AIDS and other infectious diseases.

Ethiopia Decentralization Support Activity Project

The DSA project is implementing financial systems that are crucial for Ethiopia to qualify for donor assistance that is desperately needed to alleviate poverty.

Asia Center

The Harvard University Asia Center was officially established in July 1, 1997, to reflect Harvard’s deep commitment to Asia and the growing connections between Asian nations. The center is an active organization with varied programs focusing on international relations in Asia and comparative studies of Asian countries and regions. Harvard’s study of Asia is spread across the University’s departments and schools, and a wide array of disciplines come together under the auspices of the Asia Center.


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