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Polinsky Language Sciences Lab

The Polinsky Language Sciences Lab examines questions of language structure and its effect on the ways in which people use and process language in real time. The lab engages in interdisciplinary research projects; offers linguistic research capabilities for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and visitors; and builds relationships with the linguistic communities worldwide in which it does its research.

Middle East Initiative

The Middle East Initiative was established in October, 1998 in order to deepen and strengthen the Kennedy School's relationship with the governments and peoples of the Middle East. Since that time, the Initiative has undertaken a series of projects to work closely with the region's political and business leaders to strengthen democratic governance and seek solutions to public policy problems in the Middle East. The Initiative has likewise engaged in community outreach to create the space for conversation and the sharing of knowledge and experiences concerning the region.

LASPAU: Academic and Professional Programs for the Americas

Laspau is a nonprofit organization affiliated with Harvard University that enhances higher educational quality, opportunity and impact throughout the Americas. For over fifty years we have been building a human network, connecting individuals and institutions with opportunities, through admissions testing, scholarship management, university development and alliance building. Connecting over 1,000 institutions, 17,000 scholars and 5,000 educators, we create opportunity and drive innovation.

Andes & Southern Cone Program

The Andes & Southern Cone Program at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS) works to increase the visibility of the countries of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela at Harvard University through diverse academic programmatic activities. The Initiative aims to enhance collaborative research among Harvard faculty and their counterparts in the Andean region by encouraging faculty and student engagement, and serving as a portal for Andean-related activities for the Harvard community and the public at large.

Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Program (MCCP)

The Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Program (MCCP) at DRCLAS is committed to deepening engagement with the region through an active program of events and activities, academic and internship opportunities for students, and support for faculty research.

Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Established in 1954 to support research and teaching on the Middle East, the Center for Middle Eastern Studies has produced generations of scholars with a profound understanding of and active engagement in the region. At the core of the Center’s mandate is the pursuit of firsthand knowledge about the Middle East based on literacy in its languages and a deep understanding of its diverse politics, cultures, and histories.

Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research

The Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research (DHFMR) supports cutting-edge collaborative research, and seeks to establish sustainable research and education programs focused on diseases relevant to the population in the broader Middle East region.

Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at Harvard & MIT

Established in 2003, the main aim of the Aga Khan Program at the GSD is to study the impact of development on the shaping of landscapes, cities, and regional territories in the Muslim world and to generate the means by which design at this scale could be improved. The program focuses on the emerging phenomena that characterize these settings and on issues related to the design of public spaces and landscapes, environmental concerns, and land use and territorial settlement patterns.


Arts@DRCLAS seeks to foster and develop the scope of Latin American visual and performing arts at Harvard University through exhibits, conferences, concerts, and performances hosted by the David Rockefeller Center local and overseas offices. Working with the Harvard University Committee on the Arts, Arts@DRCLAS aims to provide educational, aesthetic, intellectual, and cultural experiences for the Harvard and greater Boston community, as well as becoming a resource for students and faculty working in the arts.

Jamaica Project

True to the Berkman Center's core focus on Internet & Society, the Jamaica project's mission centers on the use of the internet to shape, define and change society and the world around us -- and empowering others to do the same. We are exploring the potential of cyberspace as a means for development, both personal and economic. As such, the Jamaica project seeks to bridge the technological, economic and social disparities between nations, building on reform work already in progress, enriching existing initiatives with a new internet dimension.


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