International Office

Chile Regional Office, David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies

Working closely with DRCLAS in Cambridge, the Regional Office provides direct support to Harvard faculty, staff and students in the Southern Cone countries of Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay, as well as the southern Andean republics of Bolivia and Peru. It is a facilitative office at the service of Harvard faculty and Harvard students. While the regional office has strengthened relationships for Harvard University with educational, research and policy institutions throughout the region, it is not closely associated with any single institution.

Brazil Office, David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies

The mission of the Brazil Office in S o Paulo and the Brazil Studies Program in Cambridge is to enhance collaborative research among Harvard faculty and their Brazilian counterparts; encourage faculty engagement with Brazil and student participation in language programs, internships and research projects in Brazil; and provide a hospitable environment for Brazilians at Harvard and for Harvard scholars in Brazil. The Brazil Studies Program at DRCLAS and the Brazil Office work hand-in-hand to pursue their shared mission.

Latin America Research Center

The Latin America Research Center (LARC) was opened in Buenos Aires in 2000. The LARC was founded to satisfy strong interest on the part of the HBS faculty in this dynamic region. As a result, the LARC's work has greatly increased the volume of in-depth research and course materials that focus on business management issues specific to Latin American companies. In addition, the LARC has strengthened its relationships with important profit and not-for-profit constituencies throughout Latin America.

Europe Research Center

The Europe Research Center in Paris (ERC) opened in 2003, and plays an important role in helping HBS develop and strengthen relationships with European business and academic leaders. The ERC enables Harvard Business School faculty to study more effectively one of the world's most important economic regions during a time of significant transformation. The ERC has contributed to more than 100 faculty publications (case studies, research notes, books and articles).

Villa I Tatti

The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies at Villa I Tatti is devoted to advanced study of the Italian Renaissance in all its aspects: the history of art; political, economic, and social history; the history of science, philosophy, and religion; and the history of literature and music.

Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece

The Center for Hellenic Studies' Nafplion Center is an intercultural research institute that connects the humanistic pursuits of the CHS with the homeland of Hellenism. The Nafplion Center aims to promote greater understanding of Hellenic civilization by bringing the academic resources of Harvard to Greece and by fostering research at all levels. This is Harvard University's first facility for international programs in continental Europe.

Asia-Pacific Research Center

Established in Hong Kong in 1999, the Asia-Pacific Research Center (APRC) was the first of the School's international Research Centers. The APRC is an essential part of the continuing HBS effort to influence the practice of management education, while creating world-class educational experiences for MBA students and business leaders alike. Through its ongoing work, the APRC has developed important links with governments, academic institutions, and corporations within a region that is assuming an increasingly vital role in the world economy.

Japan Research Center

The Harvard Business School Japan Research Center (JRC) opened in January 2002. Located in Tokyo, its primary purpose is to support HBS faculty research and case-writing activities in Japan. Under the direction of Executive Director Nobuo Sato, the JRC plays an important role in helping HBS advance its activities.

Harvard Center Shanghai

Both Harvard and Harvard Business School have a long history of engagement in China. Our work there today and in the future is intended to ensure the continued flow of ideas and scholarship by building upon the fruitful relationships we have formed with Chinese universities and researchers, the Chinese government and a range of private and public organizations.

Vietnam Fulbright Economics Teaching Program

The Fulbright Economics Teaching Program, founded in 1994, is a partnership of the University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City and Harvard Kennedy School. FETP is a leading center of public policy teaching and research offering a Master's of Public Policy (MPP) the first degree program of its kind in Vietnam and executive training programs for senior officials.


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