Comunidad Latinx

Provides a network of support for Latinx students at HGSE, networking with other Latino student organizations across the broader Harvard community, connection to Latinx issues and the Latinx community in the greater Cambridge and Boston area, a Latinx voice to academic affairs at HGSE and develops a continuing plan for La Comunidad and HGSE Latinx alumni.

LASPAU: Academic and Professional Programs for the Americas

Laspau is a nonprofit organization affiliated with Harvard University that enhances higher educational quality, opportunity and impact throughout the Americas. For over fifty years we have been building a human network, connecting individuals and institutions with opportunities, through admissions testing, scholarship management, university development and alliance building. Connecting over 1,000 institutions, 17,000 scholars and 5,000 educators, we create opportunity and drive innovation.

Latino Law Review

The Harvard Latino Law Review provides a forum for the scholarly discussion of legal issues affecting Latinos and Latinas in the United States. Recent articles have addressed issues including racial profiling, the English-only movement, the paradox of the alien-citizen, and the future of Latino legal scholarship. HLLR is an annual publication.

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