DRCLAS Graduate Student Conference Travel Grants

Conference Travel Grants of up to $300 per year are available to graduate students traveling to conferences to present papers on Latin America.

Latin America Research Center

The Latin America Research Center (LARC) was opened in Buenos Aires in 2000. The LARC was founded to satisfy strong interest on the part of the HBS faculty in this dynamic region. As a result, the LARC's work has greatly increased the volume of in-depth research and course materials that focus on business management issues specific to Latin American companies. In addition, the LARC has strengthened its relationships with important profit and not-for-profit constituencies throughout Latin America.

Harvard College Program in Chile

The DRCLAS Regional Office hosts two distinct term-time Study Abroad Programs, in Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina, through the Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad (CASA) with ten other participating universities. Each program provides four half-course transfer credits towards a Harvard College degree, including a Pro Seminar with current regional issues, and the chance to take courses with both peers and local students. All students live with local hosts.

Latino Caucus

The mission of the organization is to provide social and professional opportunities to all members of the John F. Kennedy School of Government interested in Latino culture and to issues relating to Latinos in the U.S. The Latino Caucus also serves as an advocate for Latino students and their concerns here at the Kennedy School.

Argentine Caucus

The Argentine Caucus promotes debate on political, social, and economic issues of Argentina and shares the country cultural heritage with the KSG student body. The goals of the Argentine Caucus are to bring a valuable presence of Argentina and South America to KSG community; to foster constructive discussion on Argentina political and economic situation and on the South American region with other country caucuses at KSG and peer organizations; and to share Argentina's cultural tradition with the KSG student body.

Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

MeSLA, the Medical Students of Las Americas, is a Harvard Medical and Dental Schools student council group that is dedicated to the empowerment of the Latino community. MeSLA seeks to achieve this goal through a multifaceted approach, which includes academic support through medical school, education about social and health-related issues concerning the Latino population, community projects for underserved Latinos, and the recruitment of Latinos to Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

La Alianza

La Alianza is an organization dedicated to providing support to Latino/a students at Harvard Law School. La Alianza is committed to increasing a dialogue about and an understanding of the issues that face Latinos in the United States. Everyone is invited to participate in our efforts. La Alianza provides academic and career placement assistance for its members. Our office has a variety of academic aids, used books, hornbooks, outlines, and other study aids. Members are encouraged to take advantage of these resources prior to purchasing textbooks.

Nuestra Voz

Nuestra Voz seeks to foster a sense of community among Latinas and Latinos at HDS and the other Boston Theological Institute schools; to advocate for a more ethnically diverse student body, faculty, and administration; and to discuss and act upon issues relevant to Latinos and Latinas at the local, national, and international levels.

Latino Student Organization

Our mission is to: "To proudly promote the Latino Culture at the Harvard Business School and throughout our careers." LASO serves to support all Latinos, including American-born Latinos and immigrants from Latin America. Together, with the other Latino and Latin American groups across Harvard's undergraduate and graduate schools, they form a tight-knit community.

Latinas Unidas de Harvard

Latinas Unidas is the materialization of a vision that Latinas at Harvard had to unite those who have an interest in the lives of Latin American females. Latinas Unidas is a forum for intellectual discussion and pro-active efforts to promote the women of Latin American heritage. We believe that our cultures, although diverse, should be celebrated and our commonality as women will bring us closer. This organization emphasizes networking with successful Latina women in the nation and on our campus.


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