DRCLAS Course-Based Field Trip Grants

The Center provides limited support (typically up to $5,000) for faculty-led student travel to the region in connection with for-credit course offerings. Field trips must offer substantive engagement consistent with the goals of the course, enhance student understanding of Latin American issues, and cannot infringe on regularly scheduled class time. Faculty members must accompany the students throughout the field experience.

DRCLAS Collaborative Faculty Research Grants

Applications for individual and collaborative research grants are reviewed once a year by the Center's Research Committee, which gives priority to faculty members who have not previously received grants. In exceptional circumstances, when additional resources will substantially enhance opportunities for collaboration with scholars and institutions in Latin America, the Center will award up to $20,000 for collaborative faculty research projects.

Undergraduate Certificate in Latin American Studies

The Certificate in Latin American Studies is awarded to Harvard College students who have completed an approved course of study as part of their work toward the A.B. degree.


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