Life, Work and Legacy of Spanish Nobel Prize Winners

Spain has given birth to many notable scientists and writers, including some of the most relevant Nobel laureates in history. On this session, expert Harvard postdoctoral fellows will present brief talks summarizing the life and achievements of every Spanish Nobel prize winner, followed by a round of questions and a discussion. Come and join us to learn and discuss the life, work and legacy of these remarkable Spanish Nobel laureates.

Data Privacy 3.0: Are We Ready for AI in South Asia?

How can India take advantage of data to achieve its developmental objectives while balancing the need for personal privacy? The recently implemented Account Aggregator framework tries to establish a digital consent architecture to allow post-collection transfers of data. This will unlock a number of financial models to serve those who are not currently part of the formal banking systems. But at the same time, this can have a serious impact on personal privacy. A similar model is being attempted in the health system, and that too has similar repercussions.

Caracterización lingüística y sociolingüística del español de Venezuela

Este panel presentará un panorama de la diversidad lingüística y sociolingüística del español de Venezuela, ilustrada a partir de la fonología, la gramática y las características discursivas: las actitudes hacia las variantes vernáculas de una variable sociolingüística, a menudo asociadas con atributos como la inteligencia, preparación profesional, simpatía y atractivo, o con determinados niveles socioeconómicos; rasgos dialectales gramáticales del español venezolano en comparación con otras variedades; y desarrollo del discurso narrativo en niños de edad escolar de niveles socioeconómicos

Troubling Times for Gender Equality Politics: German and European Experiences

The workshop will feature two panels with well-known, prominent and junior scholars on gender equality politics in Germany and Europe, to discuss contemporary challenges in gender politics, especially with the politicization of immigration, as well as with the rise of populist right parties. In unsettled times, gender relations become a favorite target for social repression, but the openings created by changing political alignments are also opportunities for women politicians and for feminist and gender-queer mobilizations.

Women in the Global Health Workforce

Four courageous female leaders. Four unique career trajectories. Four ways to make a difference in global health. Join us for a panel discussion featuring the 2019 Jane Jie Sun Women in Global Health LEAD Fellows.


Sai Subhasree Raghavan, PhD | India

Stela Bivol, MD MPH | Moldova

Shabnum Sarfraz, MBBS MBA | Pakistan

Maureen Luba, B.S. | Malawi


Big Health Data: When Consent is Not Enough

In 2018, India launched the National Digital Health Mission to ready India’s health data ecosystem for the technologies of the future. Recognizing the urgent need for making health data portable, without comprising security and privacy, Satchit Balsari and Rahul Matthan discuss the implications of global and regional jurisprudence on generation, exchange, and application of health data in India. Is Consent enough? Does anyone own health data? How representative are health data in India? Who benefits? Who is harmed?


Italy in Europe: Economic Problems and Political Prospects

Carlo Bastasin will address the Italian economy and the resurgence of populism and nationalism in Europe while Philippe Le Corre will serve as discussant focusing on China's investment strategy in Italy and Southern Europe. Vivien Schmidt will chair the discussion.

Hosted by the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies as part of its European Union Seminar

Challenges to Democracy in the European Union: An Address by Sergey Lagodinsky, Member of the European Parliament

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from newly elected Member of the European Parliament and Harvard Kennedy School alumnus (2003) Sergey Lagodinsky. Learn from his insights and expertise on climate change, transatlantic relations as well as the law and politics of diversity and integration. Lagodinsky serves as Vice Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, which on September 25, 2019 took the unprecedented measure of rejecting two EU Commissioner-designates over concerns of conflict of interest.

Atlas of Innovation Districts: Cerdà in the XXI Century

Harvard Researcher and Aretian Co-Founder Jeremy Burke will present the first-ever Atlas of Innovation Districts, developed with fellow Researcher and Co-Founder Ramon Gras Alomà. The Atlas of Innovation Districts represents the first-of-its-kind systematic study of 50 notable Innovation Districts in the United States: their collective knowhow, specialization, innovation and economic impact, as well as the urban design and social characteristics of the social ecosystems that welcome and enhance them.

A Point-CounterPoint Discussion: Malaria Eradication Within a Generation?

Malaria is one of the oldest and deadliest afflictions of humankind. The Lancet Commission on Malaria Eradication posits malaria eradication can be done by 2050 or sooner with specific measures in the areas of software, hardware, finance, and leadership/accountability. The report findings are in contrast to the recently released Executive Summary of the WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Malaria Eradication, which did not call for an eradication goal or timeline.


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