Africa Research Office

Harvard Business School continues its efforts to build a deep understanding of and expertise in global business practice and innovation around the world, including throughout Africa, a region that is assuming an increasingly vital role in the world economy. The school opened the newest regional office, the Africa Research Office in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2017.

Global Studies Outreach at Harvard

Global Studies Outreach at Harvard is a collaboration amongst regional and internationally focused centers and programs at Harvard that share a commitment to conduct educational outreach throughout New England and beyond. The primary goal of this collaboration is to help the general public, and especially K-12 teachers and students, better understand the complex world in which we live. We do this by organizing events and programming around global themes and preparing and disseminating resources for classroom use—both of which build on Harvard’s impressive human and material resources.

Kuumba Singers

The Kuumba Singers were organized in November 1970 as a channel through which black students could direct their creative energies. The group was established at a time when black students from Harvard, Radcliffe, and other colleges in the Boston area felt themselves becoming increasingly alienated from one another. The choir served not only as a needed source of unity and strength bringing black students together on a regular basis but also as a source of spiritual inspiration. Today that inspiration, unity and strength extend to all those who believe in what the group represents.

Polinsky Language Sciences Lab

The Polinsky Language Sciences Lab examines questions of language structure and its effect on the ways in which people use and process language in real time. The lab engages in interdisciplinary research projects; offers linguistic research capabilities for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and visitors; and builds relationships with the linguistic communities worldwide in which it does its research.


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