Nuclear Security Matters Initiative

Nuclear Security Matters special initiative provides accessible analysis from the world’s leading experts on nuclear security and nuclear terrorism. It is intended to help inform researchers, reporters, government officials, and the interested public on policy options for strengthening nuclear security and reducing the risk of nuclear terrorism.

Cyber Security Project

The Cyber Security Project investigates how developments in the field of cybersecurity will shape international conflict and seeks to become the premier home for rigorous and policy-relevant study of these and related questions.

Applied History Project

The Applied History Project at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs is the explicit attempt to illuminate current challenges and choices by analyzing historical precedents and analogues. Mainstream historians begin with an event or era and attempt to provide an account of what happened and why. Applied Historians begin with a current choice or predicament and analyze the historical record to provide perspective, stimulate imagination, find clues about what is likely to happen, suggest possible interventions, and assess probable consequences.

Environment and Natural Resources Program

The Environment and Natural Resources Program (ENRP) is at the center of the Harvard Kennedy School's research and outreach on public policy that affects global environmental quality and natural resources management.

Diplomacy and International Politics Program

The Diplomacy and International Politics program comprises the Belfer Center’s signature projects on diplomacy and regional politics, including the Future of Diplomacy Project, the Middle East Initiative, the India and South Asia Project, and—in conjunction with the Harvard Law and Harvard Business Schools—the Secretaries of State Project. Though distinct in focus, all emphasize the essential role of diplomacy in preventing conflict and building a more secure, peaceful world.

Global Studies Outreach at Harvard

Global Studies Outreach at Harvard is a collaboration amongst regional and internationally focused centers and programs at Harvard that share a commitment to conduct educational outreach throughout New England and beyond. The primary goal of this collaboration is to help the general public, and especially K-12 teachers and students, better understand the complex world in which we live. We do this by organizing events and programming around global themes and preparing and disseminating resources for classroom use—both of which build on Harvard’s impressive human and material resources.

Harvard Nigerian Students Association

The Harvard College Nigerian Student Association is strongly committed to building a network of Nigerians both at Harvard and beyond. Through this network, it will seek to promote awareness of Nigerian issues. Furthermore, the Association, in collaboration with the larger African community, will work to promote social activism among Nigerians.

Learning Environments for Tomorrow: Next Practices for Educators and Architects

Learning Environments for Tomorrow will explore four key themes emerging as defining elements of 21st century education: collaboration; technology; engagement; and sustainability. Through a research-based understanding of current and emerging best practices, participants will work with Harvard faculty and leading practitioners to envision how school buildings can most effectively support learning in the coming decade and beyond.

International Relations Council (IRC)

The Harvard International Relations Council is dedicated to the promotion of international awareness and education.


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