Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program

Funds for non-traditional study abroad destinations, and students traditionally under-represented in study abroad.

Leading Global Businesses

This program prepares business leaders to build a winning global organization that can sustain a competitive advantage around the world.

Law and international Development Society

The Harvard Law & International Development Society (“LIDS”) is the premier student-run organization at Harvard University focused on issues at the intersection of law, policy and international development.

Black Community and Student Theater

The purpose of BlackC.A.S.T (Black Community & Student Theatre) is to provide practical experience on all aspects of live theater (artistic and technical), with assistance from those knowledgeable and/or experienced in the dramatic arts, in an educational and recreational atmosphere. All activities of Black C.A.S.T. shall be undertaken for the primary purpose of stimulating interest and support in Black Theater on the Harvard campus and the immediate community.

Alumni of Color Conference

To inspire and impact the improvement of the education sector by annually convening Harvard Graduate School of Education alumni, students, practitioners and scholars concerned with issues of race, class and education as they pertain to all people, and in particular to communities of color.

Weatherhead Center for International Affairs Grants for Independent Projects for Undergraduates

The Weatherhead Center offers Harvard College undergraduates financial resources to independently organize programs that address their interests relating to international, transnational, global, and comparative national issues and may address contemporary or historical topics, including rigorous policy analysis, as well as the study of specific countries and regions outside the United States.

Cogan Family Fund for Humanitarian Studies

The Cogan Family Fund for Humanitarian Studies provides funds for undergraduate and graduate students at Harvard University who are conducting field research related to crisis?affected settings. The fund enables students to obtain international experience and an understanding of the cross?disciplinary nature of humanitarian work. Students interested in advancing research, practice, and policy in the field of humanitarian assistance to populations affected by war, disaster, and other crises are encouraged to apply.

President's Innovation Fund for International Experiences

Grants from the President's Innovation Fund for International Experiences are available to faculty members at any Harvard school to support the development of creative and significant academic experiences abroad for Harvard College students.


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