Harvard College International Women's Rights Collective

The Harvard College International Women's Rights Collective (IWRC) is a student organization that seeks to promote sustained dialogue and activism among undergraduates regarding international women's issues. Our hope is to establish greater commitment to gender equality across borders in the framework of universal human rights. We aspire to de-stigmatize contentious elements of gender and cultural relativism through productive, interactive, and respectful debates and events.

Hospitality and Travel Industry Club

To provide a forum for interested HBS students to increase their knowledge and network of hospitality and travel companies and to enhance their ability to pursue careers in this industry

Ph.D. in Linguistics

The Department of Linguistics is home to one of the oldest and most distinguished linguistics programs in the United States. The study of linguistics at Harvard draws much of its strength from the unique range and depth of the University's offerings in related fields, especially ancient and modern languages.

Initiative on Democracy in Hard Places

The Ash Center’s Initiative on Democracy in Hard Places aims to foster social science research on democratic experiments—both successful and failed—throughout the developing world to learn how democracy can be built and maintained in a variety of terrains. And, through engagement with policymakers, practitioners, and activists, it aims to translate that research into action.

A.M. (Master's degree) in Comparative Literature

Harvard University has offered courses in comparative literature since 1894. The Department of Comparative Literature was established by vote of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences on April 10, 1906, and was reorganized upon its present basis in 2007 with the merging of the graduate department of Comparative Literature and the undergraduate Literature Concentration to form a unified department. The Department's students and faculty pursue studies in the history, theory, and criticism of literature extending beyond the limits set by national and linguistic boundaries.

Ph.D. in the Study of Religion

The doctor of philosophy (PhD) program in religion at Harvard dates from 1934, when the Faculty of Arts and Sciences established a degree of PhD in "The History and Philosophy of Religion." Its purpose, as stated by the Faculty, was "to make possible a course of studies which shall enable the candidate both to lay a broad and sufficient foundation for teaching and study within the field of religion, and to do individual research at some point in that field." In accordance with that expressed intention, the Faculty voted in 1963 to name the program the Study of Religion.

Harvard College UNICEF

The overall goal of Harvard College UNICEF is to spread awareness of the situation of the world's children, and to encourage members to take action to help save lives. Harvard College UNICEF's efforts will focus on increasing local awareness about UNICEF's mission both on campus and in the community. Harvard UNICEF aims to 1) educate members on the state of the health and education of the world's children 2) raise funds to be used towards UNICEF's work with these children, and 3) provide opportunities for members to directly advocate to protect the lives of children in need.

Advanced Management Program: Transforming Proven Leaders into Global Executives

The Advanced Management Program (AMP) empowers executives with the management expertise and cross-functional perspective to drive performance across domains, industries, and borders. Engaged with HBS thought leaders and global senior executives, you will emerge with the leadership mindset and winning strategies to secure a competitive edge in any economy.

Ph.D. in Comparative Literature

The Department of Comparative Literature undertakes to promote and facilitate studies in the history, theory, and criticism of literature extending beyond the limits set by national and linguistic boundaries. The work of the department is designed to provide for the needs of students who wish to pursue a unified program of study involving literature in more than two languages.

Agribusiness Seminar

Agribusiness executives from around the world convene at this premier industry forum to explore global food, fiber, and fuel system dynamics.


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