Middle East and North Africa

Saudi and Gulf Cooperation Council Security

The Project on Saudi and Gulf Cooperation Council Security will conduct studies related to defense, security, and intelligence issues relevant to Saudi Arabia and the GCC states – Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Oman and, Qatar. It will specifically examine the regional tensions, rivalries, and conflicts that confront these nations with a special emphasis on the military, security, and intelligence aspects.

Iran Project

The Iran Project aims to increase our understanding of Iran and contemporary Iranian affairs from its nuclear program to Iranian state and society more broadly. The Iran Project hopes to support the efforts of Iranian students and those involved in Iranian studies at Harvard University and to become a diplomatic bridge to engage Iran and Iranian universities and research institutes.

Diplomacy and International Politics Program

The Diplomacy and International Politics program comprises the Belfer Center’s signature projects on diplomacy and regional politics, including the Future of Diplomacy Project, the Middle East Initiative, the India and South Asia Project, and—in conjunction with the Harvard Law and Harvard Business Schools—the Secretaries of State Project. Though distinct in focus, all emphasize the essential role of diplomacy in preventing conflict and building a more secure, peaceful world.

Global Studies Outreach at Harvard

Global Studies Outreach at Harvard is a collaboration amongst regional and internationally focused centers and programs at Harvard that share a commitment to conduct educational outreach throughout New England and beyond. The primary goal of this collaboration is to help the general public, and especially K-12 teachers and students, better understand the complex world in which we live. We do this by organizing events and programming around global themes and preparing and disseminating resources for classroom use—both of which build on Harvard’s impressive human and material resources.

Middle East and North Africa Research Center

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Research Center opened in 2013. Based in Istanbul, the MENA Research Center is the most recent addition to the School's network of Global Centers. The center plays an important role in helping the School develop and strengthen relationships with Turkish business and academic leaders. Drawing on Istanbul's strategic location historically, as a gateway between the East and the West, it offers a unique vantage point from which the School might also connect to the Islamic world.


The TAMID Israel Investment Group is a student organization that connects business-minded Harvard students to the Israeli economy. TAMID\x{ef}\x{bf}\x{bd}s goal is to develop the next generation of business leaders, and connect its members with philanthropists, CEOs, and investors in Israel through educational programming, hands-on investing and consulting experience, and meaningful professional opportunities.

Kuumba Singers

The Kuumba Singers were organized in November 1970 as a channel through which black students could direct their creative energies. The group was established at a time when black students from Harvard, Radcliffe, and other colleges in the Boston area felt themselves becoming increasingly alienated from one another. The choir served not only as a needed source of unity and strength bringing black students together on a regular basis but also as a source of spiritual inspiration. Today that inspiration, unity and strength extend to all those who believe in what the group represents.


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