Worldwide Week at Harvard 2018 - Event Host FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for members of the Harvard community interested in hosting events as part of Worldwide Week 2018, taking place October 20-27.

What is Worldwide Week at Harvard?

A week-long series of activities and events designed to

  • showcase Harvard’s global activity, and
  • promote interdisciplinary dialogue about global and international issues.


Who organizes Worldwide Week at Harvard?

The Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs (OVPIA).


Who hosts Worldwide Week events?

All Harvard organizations and administrative units are welcome to host Worldwide Week events. In 2017, over 50 events were hosted by Schools, departments, centers, and student organizations.


What types of events take place during Worldwide Week?

Panel discussions, lectures, performances, and social or networking events are all popular, but Worldwide Week is open to any event that is hosted by a Harvard organization and has a global or international theme. See the archived events list from 2017.


What is a “Signature Event”?

Each day, 1-2 Signature Events take place in a venue that can accommodate 150+ attendees. The OVPIA will ensure that no two Signature Events take place at the same time and will help market Signature Events in Worldwide Week marketing materials.


Is there a theme?

The OVPIA encourages, but does not require, events that include

  • participants, either in person or virtually, who are primarily located outside the U.S., or
  • “extension” activities such as a post-event discussion, meal/ interview with presenters, etc.

There is no topical theme for Worldwide Week as the aim is to showcase the breadth of Harvard’s global activity.


Does the OVPIA provide funding for Worldwide Week events?

The OVPIA has a small pool of funds available for student organizations hosting Worldwide Week events; contact Bailey Payne

 to apply. It does not otherwise provide funding for events. OVPIA provides overall coordination and marketing for Worldwide Week.


How do I propose a Worldwide Week event? How do I know when other events are taking place?

Complete an Event Submission Form by September 21, 2018 or contact Bailey Payne. Check the Worldwide Week Planning Calendar (, may require Google login) to see when other events take place.