Worldwide Week at Harvard 2020

5-9 October 2020

Worldwide Week at Harvard showcases the remarkable breadth of Harvard’s global engagement. During Worldwide Week, Harvard Schools, research centers, departments, and student organizations host academic and cultural events with global or international themes.

NEW for 2020: 24 Hours of Harvard! 

As the name suggests, the fundamental idea underlying “24hH” is to take one day during Worldwide Week to organize a series of Harvard-related events lasting one full orbit of the sun around the Earth that will be available live on the Internet to a global audience. By broadcasting an around-the-clock, around-the-world lineup of events and activities, 24hH will underscore the point that, at any hour of the day or night, Harvard teaching, research, learning, and outreach is happening somewhere in the world. Our office is accepting expressions of interest during the summer months - contact Bailey Payne for more information. 


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Event hosted on the Future of Cities for Worldwide Week 2017
Worldwide Week at Harvard logo
Macbeth theatrical production at Arnold Arboretum during Worldwide Week 2018

The Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs is currently accepting event proposals and suggestions for the Fall 2020 Worldwide Week program. Please contact Bailey Payne to begin a conversation about hosting an event or for more information.

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Archive of events from Worldwide Week 2019

Archive of events from Worldwide Week 2018

Archive of events from the 2017 inaugural Worldwide Week